We’re providing intelligent metering technology and data and insights.

Market operators, energy retailers, local network service providers, energy brokers and large business customers across Australia are benefiting from our metering capabilities.

Leveraging decades of experience, we can help you to make informed decisions about energy, gas, and water usage to improve your operating efficiency, support achievement of your sustainability goals, and connect you to an electric future.

100% Australian owned, we offer a genuine and trusted partnership that is tailored to meet your metering requirements. We offer:

  • Reliable, safe and on-time field delivery capability.
  • Next generation products and services.
  • An outstanding customer experience supported by dedicated account management and an award winning 24×7 customer contract centre.

We specialise in the provision of high-quality innovative metering solutions


Creating industry-leading metering technology for a marine environment

Yurika developed an innovative and cost-effective metering solution to record the electricity and water consumption of berthed vessels at port.
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Sub-metering solution for a 30-storey high-rise

We developed a sub-metering solution for the owner of a 30-storey high-rise that enabled them to measure and monitor the electricity consumption of each of their tenants.
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Information portal for a national hotel chain

Yurika provided a solution for a national hotel chain, with nearly 40 sites across Australia, that specified how much gas and water was being used at each hotel so they could meet their compliance reporting obligations.
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